About Us



Our Vision

The food waste generated from restaurants in India which is around 67 million metric tonnes of food waste per annum which is valued at INR 92,000 crore growing at 8–10% per year is a serious the issue which needs to be solved. We are proposing a solution which will help cafeterias prepare the right amount of food to meet the demand. We will be estimating the number of people visiting the restaurant on the given day and providing the restaurant information on how much raw materials to buy and food to prepare so that there is no food shortage or wastage.


Our Purpose

Estimating the number of people who will visit at a specific time is crucial when managing a cafeteria since we need to make the appropriate preparations for the rush. To produce good revenues and provide clients with ample food, estimations must be accurate. What if the estimate is incorrect? In which case the estimation is useless. If it is higher, whatever food is left will be ruined, resulting in money being squandered and having a negative social impact. Our proposed solution will tackle this issue by making accurate predictions and offering services to the restaurant which will curb food wastage .


Services We Provide

Footfall Analysis

Analyzing your cafeteria footfall has never been so easy. Thanks to our powerful Machine Learning Model and analytical tools, we bring it to your fingertips.

Revenue Prediction

This tool can estimate the revenue of your cafeteria. It will help you to analyze your cafeteria's performance and to determine the feasibility of opening a new outlet.

Inventory Management

Our very special feature is the inventory management system. Update your menu online for the coming week and predict how much raw materials need to be purchased to meet the demand.

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